Do you need Asheville Home & Basement Waterproofing Services?

Introducing Moreno Rub-R-Wall, the best solvent free, water-based polymer waterproofing around!

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Home & Basement Waterproofing

High rainfall levels or natural springs can sometimes be overwhelming, especially when your basement floods. Flooding in your basement results in an unhealthy environment for you and your family. Don’t just deal with a damp or wet basement. Moreno Demo and Cleanup provides home waterproofing services in Asheville and surrounding areas. If you’re basement is leaking, call us, any time of year!

We install a single-component, 100% rubber waterproofing membrane between your house and the land that surrounds it.

How does it work?

  • To start, we remove the ground from the perimeter of your home,  down to the foundation.
  • The walls are cleaned from dirt and debris.
  • The waterproofing material is spray applied, along with a pvc and gravel drainage system to keep the water from collecting around the house.
  • Last, once the new polymer coating has cured, the area is refilled with dirt.  

Once the membrane is applied it is impermeable to water. It resists the attack of fungus, algae and bacteria and maintains its integrity when exposed to the elements in the surrounding soil.

If you’d like more information on home and basement waterproofing services in Asheville and Upstate areas, call us!